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How to shine your Corvette

So I know this is a site for used cars and whatnot, but I thought I’d share a little story. I have a really cool uncle who is like a second father and he always had a big thing for Corvettes. Seeing these beautiful cars as a child really made me fond of Chevy’s pride and joy and I’ve been a fan ever since. Well, one day, in my late teenage years, my uncle had a birthday coming up and I wanted to get him something cool and unique. It might seem like a small deal but since we are discussing sued Corvettes, I think this is definitely part of the bigger picture if you’re buying or selling.

I began to search my brain for something that would be cool and special since my Uncle had been such a cool influence on my life. I found some cool tin signs that he could have hung in his man cave, but I felt that would be something that would get seen once and then forgotten about in a weeks time. I also considered the idea of getting a coffee table on the history of Corvettes which I thought was a great gift. Then my constant thinking finally gave me a perfect idea! I mentioned that I was looking for something unique and it dawned on me that there might be something to the idea of getting my dear uncle some professional grade polish of some sort to keep his ‘Vette looking sharp and snazzy. I mean think about it, part of the beauty of owning a new or used Corvette is the fact that you get to play with them! They are, to many men, a ‘big boy’ toy. Us men, we never quite grow up do we?

So I finally decided on this gift as it would be a more actionable item for him and he would be reminded of it every time he polished his ride. My only real challenge was which polish to actually get him. I searched on the trusty old internet and, after much research and reading, narrowed it down to the following three results:

NuFinish  NuFinish: This brand had a great reputation but apparently the formula has changed in recent years and what was once a trusted and valued brand, is now a shadow of its former self. I also hear that it has a particularly foul smell. Also, from my understanding, the finish of the wax isn’t as smooth and streak free as it once was. The funny thing is, the way people talk about how awesome NuFinish used to be makes me think: Had I written this a few years back, this might have been my number one choice.

My close second was Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax: This brand has a great Ultimate-Liquid-Waxreputation among car enthusiasts but unfortunately, suffers from some small but annoying things as well. I constantly heard that this wax, their premium wax no less, wouldn’t last for more than 90 days and didn’t have that satisfying bubbling of water when you washed the car. It’s a shame, I had heard great things about the brand and unfortunately, had to dismiss this wax based on numerous poor reviews. It appears to be no better than their less premium brand in case you want to try their stuff.

So, which brand did I finally decided Liquid-Glass-Car-Polishon? Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish: This wax got the strongest reviews among all of the sites that I looked on. The consensus was and is that this polish leaves your car looking new and doesn’t leave any annoying streaks or marks after you apply it. I was so excited to try this brand and give it as a gift to my uncle who I was hoping would appreciate it.

Guess what?

He loved it! Once he opened my present, he was immediately compelled to bust out the hose and various polishing tools he had at his place and give his beautiful Corvette a great polish. In his own words:” It was so shiny I could see my reflection like a mirror!”

Suffice to say, the idea of getting a polish worked out to be a great idea! It was a win for my uncle who now rides around in a Corvette that turns heads and it was a bigger win for me to make my awesome uncle happy.

How does this relate to used Corvettes? Well, if you’re looking to buy or sell a used Corvette, then it’d be a great idea to bust out some of that awesome Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish and make sure your ‘Vette is looking as pristine as possible in order to sell it to the next enthusiast.

I’m happy to recommend his product and hope this story gave you a great tool to use when buying or selling your used Corvette!

Happy driving!

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Dealership

Would you like to know more about choosing a car dealership? If yes, you are at the right place. Choosing the right dealership can be likened to picking the right car, irrespective of whether you are leasing or buying a certified pre-owned, used or a new vehicle. Remember that you will be conversing with customer service staff, sales people, and possibly sending your new wheels for unforeseen repairs or regular maintenance in their service shop. It is also worth noting that to most people, buying a car represents the single largest financial acquisition in their life second only to buying a home. Thus, it helps if you know that you can ultimately trust the people who you are handing your money, and the ensuing dealership process will be smooth. The following are the things to consider when choosing a car dealership.

Car Dealership

1. Pricing

On the brand website, check the pricing range of the vehicle you are anticipating to purchase. That will give you a rough idea of how much the car will cost. Better still, you can check for the model that caters for most of your needs if not all of them. After that, go online and compare prices of cars on several car dealership websites. The dealer you select should have a pricing close to the one suggested on the brand website. Be sure to become familiar with the various pricing guides that exist for new and used vehicles.

2. Stock availability

Ensure that the enticing words of the sales people do not distract you or tempt you to make hasty decisions. Talk with the dealers in great length about the availability of the color, model and make of the vehicle you want to buy and the time it will take for them to process the paperwork. In case you are not sure of what car you want, do not let them persuade you in purchasing a car that doesn’t meet your needs.

3. Financial assistance

What if you can’t buy the car without credit? Then you should look for financial support schemes and deals of the dealers to get the ones that offer credit that is paid in instalments. Check whether the dealership has a great financial department and if it has any tie-ups with insurance companies and banks. The chances are that the dealers with excellent financial departments may have options for customers to borrow substantial amounts. Moreover, make sure you go through the contract properly before signing.

4. Large and small dealers

Choosing a car dealership because it is new and large may not necessarily mean you will get a better deal. Why? That kind of a dealer buys cars from an auto auction and may, therefore, have little to no room for negotiations. On the other hand, a small dealer may be willing to go to greater lengths to get a customer. Usually, their primary aim is to sell you a car, and since they may not be tied to financial institutions, they may arrange your financial assistance. With most small dealers you don’t require to be pre-approved to finance a car.  You might have a good experience with a certified auto dealer as they offer solid cars at prices that beat the big shot dealers in town.

5. Communication

Lastly, you need to be able to contact your dealer in a number of different way. Many great dealerships offer support and assistance over the phone, via email, from chat rooms and so on. When communicating with them, take note of their responsiveness to ensure that after you select a particular dealership, there will be no communication breakdowns. During the process of choosing a car dealership, remember that a great dealership staff should always put the customers first.

In conclusion, being thorough and possessing a solid plan when choosing the right dealership is paramount to having a great experience in your car shopping adventures. Don’t forget to cover all of the angles in choosing a good dealership as they could potentially become your car connection time and again. Happy car hunting!